Captain Slow And the inspirational inventor, builder, and architect that is, Simmy.


Can’t personally say for sure if that is the real Sim’s Twitter.
So it’s reasonable enough to be in love with Simmy. Good to hear. ^_^


When someone puts up a new fic featuring your OTP

Every time a James/Sim fic turns up.


This bit needed it’s own post :)

Poor Simmy, pushing James all the way down the street only to find the pub is closed!

A Strong man is Simmy <3

James and Sim ponder on how they’re going to make a bike out of Meccano.

The full Toy Stories special will air January 3rd, BBC2 at 9pm.

James May Toy Stories Trailer


Rather annoyingly they decided to advertise the Clarkson Documentary in the same trailer.  Skip to 0:13 seconds to get to the Toy Stories bit.


One of my least fav James shirts, but he is a cute Spaniel, isn’t he?

My ovaries just exploded